The interiors or spaces we inhabit, that we move through are inseparable from us, so very important and profoundly linked to our personal evolution. The choice of a space and its subsequent adaptation to our life as well as our tastes is crucial to our well being and not dissimilar to the importance of the clothes we wear or the music we listen to or ever the food we enjoy.

It is all about enhancing our experiences. The best quality sheets improves the nature of our sleep, fine crystal glass will improve the way we experience the wine and it will taste better. The pleasure of a well crafted beautifully made leather shoe, slipped upon your foot, the feel and smell of the leather is a life enhancing moment.

It is my belief & professional practice that the environments we live within have the capacity to amplify and increase the pleasure and value of our days, even minutes. To walk barefoot on a perfectly installed wooden or stone floor, to let your bare feet walk over a cotton, wool or even silk rug changes the way you feel. Our environments are all about sensations. Relaxing into a perfectly dimensioned crafted and comfortable sofa or armchair upholstered with a soft and enveloping fabric, or sitting down to write or eat at a table where your body comes in contact with the energy of wood, or some other noble material.

To create timeless environment that can transport one to some place or country where one once traveled, and from which an art object that was admired will continue to bring joy everyday.

Often objects, furniture or things do not have to serve a purpose, they can simply transmit strength, or peace, or a wonderful memory of happiness. To surround oneself with the things we love and then reflect that love. The objects respond and react to each other, with a common factor of beauty and can hardly be separated from good music, light, the gorgeous scent that penetrates from the garden or terrace or just a simple vase of flowers. The fundamental philosophy of my interiors are based on all of these sensations .....